Collaboration With Artists

In Art is Happening, the Public Art Agency Sweden collaborates with a great many artists. During the in-depth research phase in the spring, summer and autumn of 2016 we worked with artists such as the Sunshine Socialist Cinema (Kalle Brolin and Kristina Müntzing), Pezo von Ellrichausen, Anna Viola Hallberg, Madeleine Hatz and Myriam Lefkowitz. 28 locations advanced to the first stage in the process.

In October 2016, when 15 locations were ready for continued collaboration, more artists were involved. In May 2017 we collaborated with the following artists in each respective location: Nasim Aghili, Björn Karlsson (Hässelby), Anna Högberg, Johan Tirén (Gamlegården), Carla Zaccagnini (Lindängen), MAP 13 Barcelona (Hageby), Michael Beutler (Råby), Maider Lopez (Hammarkullen), Johanna Gustavsson Fürst (Kungsmarken), Johanna Billing, MYCKET (Råslätt), MUF (Jordbro), Sandi Hilal (Boden), Roxy Farhat (Holma), Lina Sofia Lundin (Tjärna Ängar), Santiago Mostyn (Gärdeåsen) and Alexandra Stratimirovic (Tynnered).