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  • Magdalena Malm on public art today

    – Public art is enormously important right now, says director Magdalena Malm. Public Art Agency Sweden is celebrating its 80th anniversary and public art has become even more important in dialogues around social communality. We asked Magdalena Malm a few questions about the past year’s work.Read more


  • Public Art Agency Sweden explores and develops the interaction between contemporary art and public spaces.

Permanent art

Temporary projects

  • Bild på Annika Erikssons verk Övning inför ett Phsykodrama.

    In Preparation for a Psychodrama

    Annika Eriksson

    Annika Eriksson’s short film In Preparation for a Psychodrama is the second part in the Public Art Agency Sweden’s series Industrial Society in Transition, which deals with one of the greatest social changes of our time: the transition from the height of industrialism to today.Read more

Urban development

  • Det offentliga rummet

    The future of the public environment in Sweden has been in focus in the government assignment Samverkan om gestaltning av offentliga miljöer ("Collaboration on the Design of Public Spaces"). The assignment has been carried out by the Public Art Agency Sweden, Swedish National Heritage Board, The Swedish National Board of Housing and The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, between 2010 and 2013.Read more