A quiet walk with eyes closed. Artists Anna Högberg and Johan Tirén’s project takes its point of departure in a temporary performance in Gamlegården. The experience will contribute to developing a permanent artwork in collaboration with local residents.

The Gamlegården residential area is situated close to nature and the university in Kristianstad. There is an ongoing infrastructural initiative in and around the area which will include a new school for 850 students, new housing and new public baths. The municipality wants to connect the new with the already built environment.

The Gamlegården multi-dwelling units were built in the 1960s and the parkland area between the buildings included everything from playing fields to a heated outdoor swimming pool (now defunct). The shopping centre including services such as grocery stores, a bank and a library was completed in 1970.


Artists Anna Högberg and Johan Tirén have produced a preliminary study which forms the basis for the sketch proposal for a permanent artwork that will be developed in the area. The preliminary study is based on the experiences of the French artist and choreographer Myriam Lefkowitz’s performance pieces Walk, Hands, Eyes (Gamlegården) and How can one know in such darkness that were performed in situ in June 2016 during the research phase of Art is Happening.


An archaeological excavation, meetings at different levels and parallel narratives. Artists Anna Högberg and Johan Tirén are on site in Gamlegården in Kristianstad, one of the locations in the government initiative Art is Happening. In October 2016 the preliminary study was completed and now the project will proceed to perform full-scale tests of different ideas.

“It’s a cool, traffic-free place that can be used for numerous purposes,” says artist Anna Högberg.

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Centre of Contemporary Art, Kristianstad
Urban Community Centre
Regional Museum in Kristianstad
The Municipal Housing Association, ABK