The Gärdeåsen residential area is located a stone’s throw away from the centre of Ljusdal. Today, several associations are active in existing community premises. However, both the residents and the people active in the area would like to see additional outdoor meeting places and new contexts where it is possible to meet people from different generations and ethnic groups, which would transform Gärdeåsen into an attractive destination.

The three-storey multi-dwelling units in Gärdeåsen were built in the late 1960s. In the area, the municipality organises a home for unaccompanied refugee children, retirement homes and schools. The buildings are interspersed with green and woodland areas.


There is an ongoing discussion on how art can be a means to create a place for intercultural encounters in Gärdeåsen. The applicants want to work with international artists. The nature and form of the collaboration will be determined in 2017. As part of the in-depth study phase, Santiago Mostyn’s artwork Mirakel i Gärdeåsen (Miracle in Gärdeåsen) was exhibited from 19 December 2016 to 4 January 2017.


The Municipality of Ljusdal
The Friendship and Integration Association
Ljusdal’s International Women’s Association
Ljusdal’s Municipal Public Housing Association
Sheltered Accommodation for the Elderly Gärdeåsen