Inauguration of the collaboration with a luminous wood grouse

Photo: Ricard Estay

Wojciech Tomasz Pindur and his team

Photo: Ricard Estay

Wojciech Tomasz Pindur

Photo: Ricard Estay

Inauguration of the collaboration

Photo: Ricard Estay

Inauguration of the collaboration

Photo: Ricard Estay


A social space. Culture available to more people. Associations active in Jordbro’s Cultural Centre want to open up the closed space to the square outside.

Jordbro is located some 20 kilometres south of central Stockholm in the Municipality of Haninge. Jordbro’s Cultural Centre is a meeting place, comprising everything from environmental workshops to recording studios – all in all some 20 activities are gathered under one roof. However, the cultural centre is located in premises with a closed architecture; it is hard to see what’s going on in the building.

Jordbro’s multi-dwelling units were built from the 1950s to the 1970s. The Jordbro Cultural Centre was founded in 2011. The applicant, Jordbro World Orchestra, acts as a platform for a group of professional producers, musicians, dancers and performing artists. Several associations support the application and are participating in the discussions with the Public Art Agency Sweden.


One goal is to raise the profile of the activities and activate the public space outside the Cultural Centre, which includes a square adjacent to the entrance. In spring 2017, artists and architects in collaboration with the participating associations will develop proposals on how to achieve this.

Meet the artists and activists at the Cultural Centre in an on-site report. We visited a workshop in late February 2017.

“Places like this are very important for people who need movement and activity. We are fighting to show how much joy and how many activities we have here. We must be able to do something to demonstrate that places like this are needed, not just here in Jordbro but throughout the country,” Azita Kalantarzadeh says. Read the whole story here.


On 15 February 2017, the Jordbro Cultural Centre presented the results of the first part of the collaboration, which included a workshop to investigate who would like to collaborate with Public Art Agency Sweden and produce a work.


The Jordbro World Orchestra


Recreation Centre Ung 137, the Municipality of Haninge
Blå Vägen