Panncentralen Kungsmarken

Photo: Ricard Estay

Panncentralen Kungsmarken

Photo: Joanna Zawieja


Photo: Ricard Estay


Photo: Joanna Zawieja


A people’s park. A place for culture and celebration. Mellanstaden People’s House and Park want to design a new meeting place in Kungsmarken. In collaboration with the association and residents, artist Johanna Gustafson Fürst is exploring what such a place could be.

There is a strong sense of community in Kungsmarken. However, many inhabitants feel that it is unsafe to visit places such as the library, the school or the sports hall during the evening. Almost all the services and municipal activities are located outside the residential area.

Kungsmarken’s first multi-dwelling units were built in the late 1960s. Surrounded by a wooded area, the buildings are located on a hill and have traffic-free courtyards.

Mellanstaden People’s House and Park aim to create a place for encounters, culture and celebrations in Kungsmarken. The initiative comes from both associations and individuals. The association works closely with the municipal housing association Karlskronahem, the Municipality of Karlskrona, the Tenants Association and associations and residents in Kungsmarken. ABF (the Workers’ Educational Association) is represented on the board. The People’s House and Park’s National Organisation also supports the project.


The applicants want to explore what a People’s House or a People’s Park could be in Kungsmarken today. In order to collaborate with the Mellanstaden People’s House and Park and the residents for an extended period, artist Johanna Gustafson Fürst is currently participating in a residency programme in Kungsmarken.


Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, artist:

“I am thinking on three different levels, that which exists in and creates the public space and that which we share. The everyday level, the shared place and that which we could call the image.

“It’s important that the everyday life functions. What is needed is a place where you can assert yourself and rejoice together. It’s necessary that that which we call our place exists in a larger context. These three levels hold a universe of potentials, emotions and relationships.

“After having worked with the space for a long time in dialogue with residents and the people active locally, I now know quite a bit and am entering a reflective phase. I’m thinking of yellow colours, holes in the pavement, muddy ridges and how the brain works.”

Local Kungsmarken resident Nadja Braithe, 15, is a participant in Art is Happening:

“I like to participate and contribute to things happening in Kungsmarken. My goal is to put forward a more positive image of Kungsmarken. I like it here and there is a good feeling of solidarity. A girl from the Young Eagles organisation I’m a member of recommended Johanna to work with me as I grew up here and know a lot about Kungsmarken. We have met three or four times and I’m happy to contribute. We will meet again and continue working and I’ll talk to people I know to get more ideas.”


Mellanstaden People’s House and Park


Karlskrona Municipal Housing Association