What about life between the houses?

Public Art Agency Sweden presents two talks on urban planning, design and public art in housing areas. Welcome to the talks July 6 in Visby, during the Almedalen Week 2017 in Visby.

The first talk will focus on examples from the Art is happening-project, where we produce public art in housing areas, together with the people who live there, representatives from the local community, municipalities and other local agencies.

In the second talk, we will discuss challenges, opportunities and responsibilities, in order to make progress in the field, with the responsible ministers, among others.

The talks will be held in Swedish. For more information, please visit: Program

Memorial: Winner Selected


The jury has selected a winner of the competition on the Memorial of the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia in 2004. Meet the winning artist Lea Porsager and listen to her presenting the idea proposal Gravitational Ripples.
Credits: Ricard Estay/Statens konstråd 2017. 

Read the pressrelease here (in Swedish).

Cherinet and Eriksson at Moderna Museet

Bild på tre människor under inspelning av Övning inför ett psykodrama av Annika Eriksson

Soloshows with Loulou Cherinet and Annika Eriksson are exhibited at Moderna Museet right now. Both artists recently participated in projects produced by Public Art Agency Sweden. Cherinet took part in the project HoW (House of Words) shown during Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 2015. Annika Eriksson shoot the videopiece In Preparation for a Psychodrama in the old minetown Grängesberg as a part of the series Industrial Society in Transition.

You can visit both exhibitions at Moderna Museet until the beginning of July 2017.

Magdalena Malm on public art today

Magdalena Malm, direktör på Statens konstråd

– In today’s world, with filter bubbles and Overton windows, art in public spaces provides a common arena, a forum for dialogue and discussion in our everyday lives. Public art is enormously important right now, says director Magdalena Malm. Public Art Agency Sweden is celebrating its 80th anniversary and public art has become even more important in dialogues around social communality. We asked Magdalena Malm a few questions about the past year’s work.

Read the interview

Memorial: Five proposals

Fem förslag Minnesvård för flodvågskatastrofen 2004

Five proposals have now been presented in the competition for the artistic design of the Swedish memorial for victims of the Tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2004.

All of them are presented here.

They are also exhibited 13-29 January, at Thielska Gallery on Djurgården, Stockholm, right next to where the memorial will be inaugurate in 2018.

Johanna Gustafsson Fürst:” We come up with ideas together”

Porträtt av Johanna Gustafsson Furst

– The team will serve as a reference group, be ambassadors for the project and actively come up with ideas together. We are working in a public space and I like the idea of the process being similar to the room for which it is created, she says in our interview about her work in Kungsmarken – one of the places in the government investment Art is Happening.

Take part of Art is Happening and read the interview (only in Swedish) here.

Two new courses about Contemporary Public Art

Foto: Guowei Yang

Valand Academy is introducing two new courses about working with contemporary art in the public sphere: Commissioning and Curating Contemporary Public Art and Working With Contemporary Public Art.

The courses are the result of a collaboration between Valand Academy and Public Art Agency Sweden/Statens konstråd.

For more information (in Swedish), go to:
Att beställa och curatera samtidskonst i det offentliga rummet
Att arbeta konstnärligt i det offentliga rummet

New artwork at Luleå University of Technology

Konstnär Danilo Stankovic monterar sitt konstverk på Luleå Tekniska universitet.

In May 2016, artist Danilo Stankovic was in Luleå, along with carpenters, in order to mount the painting ”När Fåglar Tystna” in the A-House at Luleå University of Technology. They put up the painting piece by piece in seven sections.

Reference group meeting for Art is happening

A second meeting with the reference group within the Art is happening-project took place this week. 

Public Art Agency Sweden has appointed a reference group with broad experience and with expertise from many different areas: Tor Lindstrand, architect and teacher at KTH, Mandana Moghaddam, artist, Viktoria Nguema, administrator at the Swedish Arts Council, Edda Manga, historian and researcher at the Multicultural Centre, Victoria Percovich, economist and Monica Sand, researchers at ArkDes. The group will function as advisors during the application process. 

Art collections

Our art consultant Magnus Mattson is putting together a new art collection. On International Women’s Day, we want to especially highlight one of the artworks, WTF AM I WHITE? by Carola Grahn. Feminist, christian, and sami, all in one person, artist Carola Grahn felt struck by lightning when she realized she was white. Read her story about the artwork

©Carola Grahn/ WTH AM I, WHITE?, Channa Bankier/ Stort hav, Eva Löfdahl/ Utan titel, Lizzie Olsson Arle/ Djuret och Lejon III, Ylva Westerlund/ Anew world, yes but when och Dream wasteland, Ulrika Hydman-Vallien/ Djungellek och Lars Lerin/ Mitt i Svolvaer och Utan titel. Photo: Ricard Estay.

Carola Grahn (b. 1982) comes from Jokkmokk and lives and works in Stockholm. She works primarily with photography, sound and text and strong emotions are often the point of departure in her working process.

What is the relationship between contemporary art and public space

Magdalena Malm reflects on the subject in relation to recent projects by Public Art Agency Sweden. 

Artists: Alexandra Pirici, Santiago Cirugeda, Loulou Cherinet,  Jonas Dahlberg, Annika Eriksson, Lina Selander, Sofia Sundberg, Karl Tuikkanen and Ingo Vetter.

Photo: Ricard Estay.

Information meetings Konst händer

  • 28/1 Östersund: Storsjöteatern, Fredssalen kl 13.15–14.15 and 18.15–19.15
  • 1/2 Kristianstad: Kulturkvarteret, Lilla salen kl. 12.30–13.30
  • 1/2 Malmö: Moriska paviljongen, Spegelsalen kl. 17.30–18.30
  • 2/2 Stockholm: Statens konstråd, Hälsingegatan 45, kl. 18.00–19.00.
  • 3/2 Stockholm: Statens konstråd, Hälsingegatan 45, kl. 13.00–14.00.
  • 4/2 Luleå: Sensus, Varvsgatan 53, kl. 13.00–14.00 and 17.30–18.30
  • 10/2 Trollhättan: Folkets hus, Stora biosalongen kl. 13.00–14.00
  • 10/2 Göteborg: Blå stället, Stora salongen kl. 18.00–19.00
  • 17/2 Stockholm: ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41, kl. 18.00–19.00.
  • 19/2 Karlstad: Bibliotekshuset, Sessionssalen kl. 13–14 respektive 16.30–17.30

NB The meetings will be held in Swedish.


Can this really be true? Muhammad Ali in the Public Art Agency Sweden warehouse? The other week, when we were compiling a new collection for our Print Project, it popped up again – a print, signed Muhammad Ali. A few years ago, we were all startled at the packing table when this item turned up among the three thousand or so works returned to us every year from government organisations. We inspect, register and store the works until they are allocated to other organisations. And sometimes we come across rarities with interesting stories.

This print shows a boxing match. And the signature is perfectly legible. But could we really enter the boxer as an artist in our database? Other works arrived, so we put the print to one side. Until now. We decided to check up on Muhammad Ali’s career as an artist once and for all.

It turned out that Muhammad Ali made a total of four different prints in 1978-79, all with the same dimensions. One is of an aeroplane, another shows a lighthouse, a third is a mosque and the fourth is a comic-strip inspired depiction of a boxing match. All were printed in editions of 500. The work is an example of what the Americans call celebrity art – art made by famous people. There is a huge market for this kind of art, but it often rather scorned.

“Sting Like a Bee”, as the print is called, was not bought by the Public Art Agency Sweden but ended up in our collection when a government organisation deposited a large number of works they no longer wanted. Now, it will be included in one of the more than 100 new collections we put together every year for various government bodies.

Watch Creative Time Summit: The Curriculum NYC 2015

After two years, the Creative Time Summit-the world’s largest international conference on art and social change-is headed home to New York City! Creative Time Summit: The Curriculum NYC will take place at the Boys and Girls High School campus in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn on November 14 and 15, 2015.

The Curriculum NYC will focus on the effects of specific education policies in the United States. We will explore the relationship between knowledge and geopolitics, pedagogical art practices, omissions in contemporary curricula, and political issues such as the re-segregation of public schools and student debt.

Watch Summit: Stockholm 2014 here

November 14–15, 2014 Creative Time Summit held the event for the first time,
outside New York City, in association with the Public Art Agency Sweden, at Kulturhuset in Stockholm.


Two minutes with Lisa Rosendahl

Bild på Lisa Rosendahl. Curator på Statens konstråd.

Lisa Rosendahl is the curator for the Public Art Agency Sweden’s series “Industrial Society in Transition”, where artists are invited to give their interpretation of the theme. Work No 2 in the series, Annika Eriksson’s short film “In Preparation for a Psychodrama” is currently being screened at Dansrotundan Brändan in Malmö Folkets Park.

Why did you choose Annika Eriksson for this project?
“Annika is one of Sweden’s most internationally renowned artists. She has lived in Berlin for many years now, but I knew that she had been exploring Sweden’s development since the 1950s. I asked her to relate freely to our era and its problems, and resulted in a film about a few young people who are living in a form of time pocket: Placed in a setting shaped by older ideals, they are waiting for a future that is yet to materialise.”

Why is the film set specifically in Grängesberg?
“Annika travelled around Bergslagen and finally settled for Grängesberg, which is one of Sweden’s many former industrial communities. The Grängesberg mine was once one of Sweden’s largest workplaces. It was closed in the 1980s, but today the town has other major workplaces and life goes on under new conditions. The decisive factor for Annika was that she met such suitable people to work with in Grängesberg. Today, Folkets Park is run by a team of committed volunteers, and in Ludvika she found the amateur drama society Teaterslaget.”

Why is the film screened in Malmö Folkets Park at present?
“The film opened in Folkets Park Grängesberg in early October. But it deals with contemporary Sweden in a more general sense, and therefore we wanted to show it in other parts of the country too. Malmö was the first city to build a Folkets Park [People’s Park], and Grängesberg was second. The architecture is similar in both places, and that contributed to our decision that Malmö Folkets Park would be a suitable venue.”


Magdalena Malm, Director at Public Art Agency Sweden, is looking back at 2015 and forward to 2016.
* The interview is only available in Swedish.

An art collection in the office!

Our usual activities involve creating art collections for other people’s workplaces. But now we have received art for our own offices. One of the works is Jakob Simonson’s model of his studio, Camera, to a scale of 1:10. Peeking into the mirror-clad studio is like looking through a kaleidoscope. Its infinite angles and perspectives suggest that we are also looking into the mind of the artist. The theme for our art collection, which will remain here in our office for two years, is “to dare”. When we are visited by colleagues, art clients and other guests, we want these works to inspire them and demonstrate different approaches to art in government organisations.

© Christian Andersson/BUS 2015. Photo: Ricard Estay.


Magdalena Malm, Director at Public Art Agency Sweden, is looking back at 2014 and forward to 2015.

* The interview is only available in Swedish.

Curator Lotta Mossum Interviewed about her work in Public Spaces.

– It happens relatively often that one says ” It is interesting but not here”

During a public discussion about the forms and criteria of art held at Hanasaari in Finland, the Public Art Agency Sweden’s curator Lotta Mossum was interviewed about her work in public spaces. The event took place on the 2nd of December and was organised by the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation. The aim of the seminar was to highlight questions around how to involve art and artists to create better public spaces.

* The interview is in Swedish

Watch Creative Time Summit: Stockholm here

STOCKHOLM. You can watch Creative Time Summit: Stockholm here.

Watch Summit: Stockholm here

Xavier Veilhans “Julian, 2014”, F 17 in Kallinge

RONNEBY October 2014. See the transport of  Julian, 2014 from France to Sweden and Blekinge Flygflottilj, F 17 Kallinge.

More about Xavier Veilhans “Julian, 2014”

“The New Rules of Public Art” – 12 new rules for public art

BRISTOL 13 December 2013. From our friends Situations comes The New Rules of Public Art. 12 new rules reimagining what public art can be.

Vänster underarm med

Read more about “The New Rules of Public Art”

Top image – Konst händer tynnered Foto Ricard Estay