Urban development

The future of Sweden’s public environment has been in focus in the government assignment “Samverkan om gestaltning av offentliga miljöer” (“Collaboration on the Design of Public Spaces”).

Our public spaces belong to everyone and are important for a long-term sustainable urban development. Well-designed public spaces affect peoples’ security as well as a sense of both community and participation. The responsibility for this work is, despite these needs, often unclear and divided.

In thirteen projects; artists, designers, antiquarians and architects have cooperated with among others, town planners and engineers to develop new ideas and solutions for school environments, travel centers, communities, urban spaces, hospitals and park areas. They have complemented each other creating synergy effects and increased quality.

Public spaces – its history, background and function – have been the starting point for the project, concerning both the physical room and the social space. Obvious aspects permeating the work have been to strengthen architecture, art, cultural history and dialogue between the citizens during the urban planning and building stages.

The assignment has been carried out by the Public Art Agency Sweden, Swedish National Heritage Board, The Swedish National Board of Housing and The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, between 2010 and 2013.

Public Art Agency Sweden is entering a new phase in 2014 and urban development is being incorporated as an integral part of our organisation, which will expand the way we work in the future.

The book “Konsten att gestalta offentliga miljöer – Samverkan i tanke och handling” (“The art of designing public spaces”) (pdf, 17 MB)

Examples of projects in urban development

Top image – Photo: Erik Hugoson.