Swedish Memorial for the victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2004

On 26 December, 2004, Southeast Asia suffered one of the greatest disasters in history, killing a quarter of a million people. Among the victims, 543 deceased and around 1,500 injured were Swedes. In connection with the 10th anniversary of the disaster, the government decided to commission a memorial in Sweden for the victims of the tsunami, to honour the memory of those who lost their lives, and to create a place where their relatives and friends could gather.

In accordance with the commission of the government, the National Property Board Sweden and Public Art Agency Sweden have organized a competition for the artistic design of the memorial. The interest to participate was large and many applications were submitted. During the spring of 2016, the National Property Board and Public Art Agency, in cooperation with the jury, selected five contestant artists or artist groups.

Welcome to view the proposals!

The public is now welcome to view the proposals at the Thiel Gallery until 29 January or here on our website. The identities of the competing artists /artist groups will not be disclosed until the winner has been selected. The winning proposal will be announced in March 2017.

Inclusion of names on the memorial

As part of the memorial, visitors should be able to find the names of the Swedish citizens who died in the tsunami. The relatives can decide if they want a deceased individual’s name to be featured in the memorial: only after their approval will the names be included.

Tell us what you think

During the exhibition, you can comment on the competing proposals, either at Thiel Gallery, by writing them down and putting them in the letterbox next to the display, or by sending an e-mail to the competition officer Jenny Nilsson, at, latest January 31, 2017.

The comments will be compiled and presented to the competition jury.

The proposal which is selected for implementation will be announced in March 2017. The inauguration is planned for spring 2018.

About the competition

The project started with a prequalifying phase. Swedish and international artists, artist groups, and artists in partnership with landscape architects were invited to submit their applications until March 10, 2016. Last year, the organisers and the competition jury selected five individual artists or groups who were commissioned to each present a proposal. The proposals are now public, but the names of the artists are not yet disclosed.

The budget for the artistic design and preparation of the memorial site is SEK 7 million. The competition programme, which specifies what this sum should cover, can be downloaded from the websites of the Public Art Agency and National Property Board.

The memorial shall be artistically designed to integrate with the landscape and offer a suitable setting for a broad range of feelings. The memorial will provide a place for the nearest and dearest to mourn and contemplate, but also to recall happy times and fond memories. The memorial shall serve as a meeting point but also enable solitude, as a place for both collective and personal memories. The memorial shall be a beautiful and dignified place. Key words have been: warmth, hope, and confidence. The full text of the artistic vision is available in Swedish here on the website of the Public Art Agency Sweden.

About the location
The location of the memorial is a south-facing slope on south Djurgården, near the Thiel Gallery. From the parking lot on Djurgårdsvägen, the area stretches almost up to Prinsessan Märtas väg. The site is part of the Royal National City Park, and the area is of great natural and cultural value. Appendix 1 in the competition programme includes a detailed description of the site – its cultural history, ecological and other natural features.

Competition Program Memorial

Competition Program App 1

The competition is organised by the National Property Board Sweden and Public Art Agency Sweden in consultation with the Swedish Association of Architects.


  • Anders Bodin, architect SAR/MSA, cultural heritage specialist at the National Property Board of Sweden (chairman)
  • Gunnar Björkman, Park Manager for the Royal Djurgården Administration
  • Jonas Dahlberg, artist, winner of the competition for the 22 July Memorial, Utøya.
  • Josefine Fredriksson, surviving/relative from the tsunami disaster
  • Anders Kling, landscape architect LAR/MSA
  • Lotta Mossum, curator at the Public Art Agency Sweden
  • Ann-Sofi Noring, Deputy Director of Moderna Museet
  • Maria Stigsson, surviving/relative from the tsunami disaster


  • Final day for submission of notification of interest on 10/03/2016
  • Notice to those appointed to participate in the competition, 2016-04-22.
  • Sending out of competition brief, end of August 2016.
  • Separate start meetings with the five competitors on 29th, 30th August and 1st September.
  • Publication of the decision of the jury, March 2017.
  • Start of the planning, around 2017-04-01.
  • Implementation on site, autumn 2017 to spring 2018.
  • Inauguration of the Memorial, May/June 2018.


Until the time that the outcome of the competition has been decided and the contract signed by the party appointed to create the Memorial, the identities of those who have submitted a notification of interest and participated in the competition will remain secret to everyone except for the organizers. The reason for this is that the confidentiality and anonymity of the tenderers will apply until the competition has ended. If their anonymity is broken, this may result in the participants in the competition being disqualified. Once you have submitted a notification of interest you must not tell others thereof, nor inform others of whether you have been selected to participate in the competition.


In 2014, the government gave Gunilla Malmborg the assignment to be the national coordinator of a memorial project. She contacted the next of kin and friends of victims to ask their advice on the emotions and uses to be conveyed by a memorial. In May 2015, Malmborg presented her proposal for a memorial, to be located on south Djurgården in Stockholm, and announced a competition for the artistic design of the site.

About the organizers

The competition, which is a project competition according to chapter 14 of the Public Procurement Act, is organized by the National Property Board Sweden and the National Public Art Council Sweden. The National Property Board will build the memorial and is responsible for planning and implementing the project as a whole. The Public Art Agency Sweden will commission the parts of the project relating to the planning and implementation of the artistic design. The future maintenance of the memorial will be borne by the National Property Board in collaboration with the Royal Djurgården Administration, which will manage the vegetation and the land.


Vanja Knocke, project manager on behalf of the National Property Board Sweden
Lotta Mossum, project manager for artistic production for the Public Art Agency Sweden