Artist talk: Lea Porsager on the art piece Gravitational Ripples

21 mars, KL 19:00 - 21:00 Open arrangement

Welcome to an artist talk between artist Lea Porsager and curator Lotta Mossum from Public Art Agency Sweden.

The conversation will focus on the working process and the ideas around the artwork Gravitational Ripples, which is the memorial for those affected by the 2004 tsunami, recently inaugurated in Stockholm’s Djurgården. Inspired by ​the scientific observation ​of gravitational waves and thinkers like Karen Barad and Donna Haraway, the artist wishes to emphasize that we are part of a bigger interconnected organism and the cosmos. Her creative process is therefore built around the notion of working-with.

Gravitational Ripples forms an earthly double-spiral where nature itself is at the core of the artistic expression. The visitor is offered an enveloping encounter where several senses are interpellated. Much like grief itself, the artwork follows the ebbs and flows of time; it can be experienced in solitude or with company, silent or talkative. Sometimes, it might offer solace; other times, it might not. But by following the change of seasons, it is always in passage, in a state of transformation.